The other most import thing I’ve heard JT Foxx say is, “I am successful because I practice business”.  I wasn’t practicing business until 5 days ago when I started the JT Foxx Wealth Workout and realized how much I was doing wrong that’s hurting my business.  No matter how good you think you are, there is always room for improvement, always something to master because transformation is endless. 

Lessons are as follows;

Day 1 – Speed Reading

Not only do you gain more knowledge in less time, you do more in less time.  I’m a Writer/Editor for Her Grit Magazine and have to go through tons of information on most days. Learning this has literally cut my reading time in half and will get better.  My target is to read a minimum of 1300 words per minute in the next 90 days.

PS: Both Steve Jobs and JT Foxx have mastered speed reading

Bonus value: Learning about Sales while learning how to speed read.

Day 2 – Increasing Confidence

There are different levels of confidence and, in different aspects; Mind, Body and Ego.  There’s a task ;

  • List 3 things I didn’t give my all at…I was ashamed of myself and fixed them right away during the weekend.  Sunday was a full-on work day.  Accountability!
  • Start tracking every negative thought – (the results are shocking)
  • I’ve 30 days to conquer my worst fear.

Bonus value:  You’ll have to see it yourself [ Get JT Foxx Wealth Workout]

Day 3 – How to be 100% more Focused and Productive. 

This has put my work and life into perspective.  I have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time, in fact I feel very uneasy, it’s like I need organized distractions to focus. And I will admit, I wasn’t as productive as I knew I could be.  The results;

  • I’ve a new product to offer
  • Prioritize my action items; easy, large, difficult
  • Have a focus note-book
  • SOPs for Her Grit Magazine

Bonus value; Stop multi-tasking, Start finish-tasking

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Day 4 – Millionaire Time Management

My biggest weakness my gosh! So now that I have a strict schedule which I may not deviate from, unless it’s a family emergency or someone more successful wants to do business.   I did 3 days worth of work this Saturday. Practicing business is fun.

Bonus value;  You’ll have to see it yourself [ Get JT Foxx Wealth Workout]

Day 5 – Turning No to Yes 

JTFoxx shared his story about how his business changed after he implemented this.

  • Do you know why people say no to you?  Be it for business or even a date?
  • Well  JT Foxx shared the 9 reasons why.
  • My task is to call a minimum of 3 people who said No to me and ask why…so if you are one of them and you’re reading this, you know what’s coming.

Bonus value; 80% of your growth is in follow-up and follow-through.

We’ve 85 more days to go.  I love the #JTFoxx365 right, it’s awesome. On JT Foxx 365 you get to hear daily, behind the scenes in the life of JT Foxx. It’s raw, unscripted and 100% reality, no fluff!   I had no idea I was missing out of on so much value in the #JTFoxxWealthWorkout.

Who is JT Foxx?

JT Foxx is the World’s No.1 Wealth and Business Coach. The Millionaire Underdog  is a dynamic personality that you either love instantly or after a while.

There are different perceptions, as expected, but JT Foxx is not short of credibility with all his worldwide media, celebrity and world’s most successful people who have validated him.  Such as Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Ross, Celebrity Apprentice Judge and Former Right Hand man of USA President Donald Trump, Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, 50 Cent and so many more.  Also, the many people around the world he’s made successful, #FamilyFirst, #StrengthByLoyalty. 

The JT Foxx organization has shown an outstanding work ethic and #FamilyFirst culture after rising above every challenge. It’s all on

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