On 24th April 2018 we had our first ever Business MasterClass Event in Durban, South Africa.  Our guest speakers were; Sue Tiong –  International Speaker, Master Trainer and Business Coach.  She had the audience play a fun and educational entrepreneur game and later shared how our attendees can improve as business owners.  Sakhile Dlamini, a millennial property investor taught on how and when to buy and sell property in South Africa.  Mbalenhle Zondo, another millennial entrepreneur shared her story of how she paid for university fees through her business savviness.  I shared the following 15 business lessons that require wisdom.

I first explain how at 13 years old, her entrepreneurial journey started not only with curiosity but also necessity.   The following five lessons did not only build my work-ethic foundation but are also still applicable today.  In fact, I insists they are timeless.

5 Teen Business Lessons;

  1. Respect your own time and other people’s time.
    • How you treat time is a direct reflection of how you treat people, opportunities and money.
  2. Your personality either draws people in or sends them away.
    • Pay attention to how you make people feel around you. Change what you must.
  3. Skills have no age.
    • You’re never too young or too old to start, teach and lead.
  4. No task is beneath you. Lead by example.
    • Your team will not respect you as a leader, if you do not show them why.  People follow passion.
  5. Be of service to others, first!
    • It always boils down to how you serve people.  Serve with integrity and humility.
The A-Team of  Entrepreneurs in Durban at Business MasterClass Event 

Next, I shared ten reasons why you must be wise as an entrepreneur and leader.

10 Whys to being a sage business owner;

  1. You need accountability
    • Whatever happens in your business, it’s on you. You cannot blame anyone else. This may seem obvious but it’s not, it’s one of the top reasons people don’t move forward.
  2. You’re dealing with People
    • People need to connect, both mentally and emotionally. When you care, it shows. Don’t be superficial. 
  3. Your flexibility determines your path
    • The biggest mistake some business owners do is holding onto an idea, method, person, product etc. that doesn’t work.
  4. Your failures lead to opportunity
    • Failure hurts and it should.  But let the pain remind you always of a present opportunity.  Actively look for opportunities.
  5. Learn so you can teach
    • Pass on knowledge to your team but also, learn from them so you can teach your clients.  Information should always flow in your organization.
  6. Do so you can lead
    • Some business owners want to be the boss and not do the work.  Your team won’t respect you. Do the most and allow them do their best.
  7. Negativity is bad for business
    • Defend your business when you must. However be aware that people will let you down, move on! Don’t hang around waiting for an apology or for them do right by you.
  8.  Always, Always be improving
    • Sharpen your existing skills, learn new skills and improve your character.
  9. You’ll need coaching or mentorship
    • To be coachable you should listen well and pro-active. Sue Tiong coaches Ms Mbatha and mentors Sakhile Dlamini and Mbalenhle Zondo.  A coach and mentor is happy to help and support you, when you are easy to work with, follow guidance and go the extra mile.
  10. You will always need people 
    • “I learned from JT Foxx, the World’s No.1 Wealth Coach that your net-worth is your network. Surrounding yourself with the right people means you also must be on the right path.” says Ms Mbatha.  The above 9 WHYs set the premise for a strong network.


In closing, everything requires discipline as an entrepreneur and leader.

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