One common mistake small business owners suffer is hiring poor performers. It is not always the employee who is the wrong. Here are 5 reasons why;

1. You are an unskilled recruiter

Recruitment is a profession for a reason, it requires certain skills and experience to get it right.  The process of attracting, shortlisting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs is the core function of human resources management.  As a small business owner, you may not have these skills, depending on your professional experience.  What can you do?

    • Learn how to recruit, if you can invest time into it 
    • Hire a recruitment agent, if you have the budget for it.  They are expensive for a small business owner and may not be completely practical 
    • Hire a virtual assistant with recruitment background, for instance we at MBAs can help you.  It’s affordable, will save you time and money.

2. You do not effectively sell your vision to your employee

Before hiring a person, make sure that they genuinely understand and have an interest in your company’s vision. However, to do so, you first have to be certain and confident when communicating your vision. Also, do it with much enthusiasm.

If you do not, then here’s a high possibility you will hire a person who just wants a salary.  When what you want, is someone who shares your interest and together, you have a common goal.   

3. You do not train your employees enough

It takes a person 3 to 6 months to properly integrate into a new job. However it could take even longer to be fully productive.  According to Training Industry Quarterly, it can take an employee up to 1 or 2 years.  With enough training and support, your employee may give peak performance. Of course there are other variables to consider, such as environment and how you treat your employee as the boss. Last but not least, freedom of expression, especially if you’ve hired a millennial.

    • Make time to efficiently train your staff
    • Do not expect them to do miracles for you in just a few months
    • Hire a skilled and experienced Virtual Assistant
    • Hire a skilled on-the-job coach
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4. You cannot afford highly skilled professionals

Let’s face the facts, if you pay peanuts you will get mediocre results. Sadly some business owners cut their budget when it comes to staff, especially office admin and assistants.  Do not expect R18,000 pm performance on a R2,000 pm salary.

Understand that admin is the core of your business, it is your priority;

    • Hire a virtual assistant, pay only for what you need done
    • Review your budget, invest better into your business.

5. You do not delegate well

Some entrepreneurs get so used to doing everything themselves that they do not trust anyone else to get the job done. Then they get upset when an employee does not do well, that’s because he/she is constantly discouraged.  It is you who’s in the way.  You have to learn to let go and trust your employee do what you hired them to do.

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