I used to think if you put in hard work, you get results quickly enough.  I was an overachiever that had zero tolerance for mistakes and failure, in fact it was a serious allergy. I didn’t know that you can be really good at something and still fail, or rather, experience a temporary setback.

I think we view setbacks as failures especially after putting in all the hard work.  You’ve burnt the midnight oil, read books, went to seminars, network with people more successful than you.  You plan everyday and execute everything on your to-do list and yet…it doesn’t pay off.  At least not how or when you expect it to.

when life hands you liThis is an important life lesson I wish I knew when I was 13 years old starting my professional journey.  Life and business are filled with temporary setbacks which we recognize as failure.  I encourage you to read “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill.  He explains in depth the difference between a temporary setback and failure.

If you are going through this phase right now, in whatever aspect of your life,  do not give up.  I know when things are tough it’s hard to see them changing. You need to at least understand that a setback is just temporary.  It’s only when you deem it as defeat that it becomes permanent failure. Because even after failure, you can still win.  There are absolutely no limits, you grow with each stumble or fall when you choose to get up.

Now understand this doesn’t mean keep doing the things that are causing these temporary setbacks, it means fix them and keep going.  Try a new method or even start something new,  whether it’s a relationship, business or studies. Failures or rather temporary setbacks are meant to guide us to do better, think differently and become stronger. 

When life hands you lemons, remember that they are a multi-purpose ingredient, you don’t only make lemonade. Likewise, look at your setback that is ONLY temporary and remember that you are a multi-purpose instrument. When hard work doesn’t pay off, use your smarts. If you’ve not tried something new that is outside of your comfort zone, start now. 

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